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Customer Testimonials

“His expertise and honesty were invaluable during the entire process. I looked for his advice on everything from electrical outlets and fixtures to cabinet hardware, wood flooring finish, and carpeting color. There wasn't anything that I couldn't ask him. Keith gave the advantages and disadvantages for possible choices and provided insight that I didn't have the knowledge to even consider. He was great about researching answers to questions in an expedient way and continues to be a great problem solver on concerns that have arisen on my new home.”

“I consider him a friend of the family. He is a dependable and totally trustworthy person. Keith is a perfectionist who worked very hard to please.  I would highly recommend him for any home improvement projects.”

Jill Simon, Eden Prairie, MN

"Our home was beginning to show its age. I wanted new cabinets, but also wanted to make the kitchen and family room into one large living area. The work was started in late November and I was concerned about the holidays fast approaching. Keith not only finished the job much faster than I expected, but did an outstanding job. I found him wonderful to work with as he was a good listener to my concerns and answered all my questions. He kept me informed as to what he was doing so that I didn't have any unexpected surprises that construction often brings. I also found that he kept a clean environment and that he was a very likable fellow."

"I found Keith Larson an excellent gentleman in all regards and would highly recommend him for any construction project you may have."

Char Prins, Bloomington, MN 

"I hired Keith to remodel a makeshift family room into a bedroom with a wall-to-wall closet and to transform a cement-walled storage room into a full bathroom."

"I have nothing but the most heartfelt praise for Keith Larson and his crew. There was someone working on my project every single day after the permit was approved. The quality of the materials as well as their workmanship was above standard down to the very last detail. There was once an unexpected problem with a defective part in the shower faucet. Within two hours after it was discovered and reported, the plumber working on the job was repairing the problem to my great satisfaction."

"The crew members that Keith hires are respectful, courteous and kind. Keith made sure that after the day's work was complete that the work site was swept and cleaned up. Keith made himself available to me and my unending questions by cell phone during the entire process. I never felt that I was being ignored or that my project was unimportant to him or to any members of his crew. While chatting with his crew members, I learned that Keith demands the highest quality work from them. They all told me that this is the reason why they enjoy working for him."

"As a newly single mother in a newly purchased 1959 home, it was a great relief to know that I had hired a person who really cared not only about the project itself, but also about working with me and treating all of my concerns with the greatest respect. I most warmly recommend Keith Larson and Larson Custom Remodeling."

Deborah DeSteno

"My wife and I have been completely satisfied with the quality and performance of Keith and his crew in all aspects of the jobs undertaken."

"In 2007 Keith and his crew completely rebuilt the kitchen in our home, turning it into a major showplace which has generated rave reviews from everyone who's seen it. The only differences in any of the pricing quoted were due to changes in our desires for various aspects of the project."

"In 2008 we had Keith come back to reside our house and do several smaller projects both inside and outside the home structure. We were once again very pleased with the results and with the professional manner in which Keith and his crew completed the tasks. There was one particularly bad section of the roof where a tree had fallen a few years past. I had two previous contractors try to repair the damage to no avail. Keith and his crew took this job to task and did a magnificent job."

"We personally recommend him to all of our friends and family members."

Charles Woodward

"We personally recommend him to all of our friends and family members..."